My Portfolio Of Web Work

Over the years I have worked on a variety of online projects for small start ups, associations and charities all the way up to to big corporations like the NHS and Sky TV. This section of the site shows off some of my work in the software development arena. I often to work as an Analyst but I'm also comfortable with all aspects of the software development lifecycle, in particular I love agile, scrum and XP environments and I find conversion rate optimisation fascinating.

Split test on Website award

Sky Homepage
The face of BSkyB.

I am currently the scrum master of the development team. We build, split test, iterate, improve and maintain the sky homepage. We also look after global assets like the responsive framework and navigation used accorss the sky site.
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Image of the charity website for which I did analysis and web design

The Richard Thomas Leukaemia Fund
A small charity website.

The RTLF site was a site I made in my spare time to help out the charity. The site has basic content management and an admin panel where charity staff can see stats and edit event's. The CSS framework of this site is based on the work I did for RTLF. So you may notice some similarities. I used jQuery on the site for a change instead of mootools as usual.
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e-commerce website

Kwok Wing Chun
An hugely popular site about Wing Chun.

Kwok Wing Chun is a site I made for an internationally recognised martial arts instructor and over the years it has become the number one website for Wing Chun a martial Art studied by an estimated 2 million people globally. The site boasts great SEO, like all my sites, leading to views from over 200 countries around the world. The site has e-commerce built in, using a custom implementation of open cart.
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the responsive design of the putney website

Putney Martial Arts
An interactive martial arts site for my club.

Putney Martial Arts is an interactive Martial Arts website for my club in Putney and Southfields. It has a members area and forum along with interactive fitness tests and nutrition planning for members. It is highly Search engine optimised and sits at the top of Google with it's sister site Southfields Wing Chun.
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The new Serious law website I did SEO and CRO for

Serious Law
SEO and CRO for the nationwide law firm.

I did consultency work for Serious Law arround Search Engine Optimisation or SEO and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). This led the firm to change their SEO stratergy and rebuild their website to improve the conversion rate. As part of the work I did for the firm, I analised the data from Google analytics and came up with recomndeations. I also created some user personas to help the business focus its website on their key users.
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Sky Retail Sales Application
A face to face sales tool for BSkyB.

Whilst working as a business and technical analyst for the retail sales site used at Sky I was instrumental in driving change and improvement. I worked with end users in the field to gather requirements and feedback. I also did user research, observation and user testing. When I joined the team I quickly identified aspects of the site that hindered conversion rates and damaged the user experience. Including but not limited to poor interface design and the capture of too much data up front including some redundant data. I led the restructure of the whole site into a simple linear journey using Google analytics and a custom monitoring tool to measure its success. I also worked on the wireframes for the HTML5 iPad app.